A Multiple Employer Plan Solution for International Entities

The biggest retirement savings problem for Americans abroad is the unavailability of tax-deferred plans such as Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs when claiming the foreign earned income exemption.

“International Retirement Plans” from non-US providers suffer truly prohibitive penalties at the hands of the IRS. National provident funds are subject to current US taxation even if deferred by the host nation. Social Security is not available to employees not paid on a W2 by an American employer.

International Companies

The TIC Care 401(k) solution is typically structured as a Multiple Employer Plan allowing firms to enjoy benefits of economy of scale including reduced costs, wider investment selection, and stronger access to plan resources. Participating firms are separately tracked and their employees’ accounts are segregated from other firms.

Stand-alone plans are an option for firms with larger numbers if so needed.

International Schools

MEPs are ideal for school systems as often an individual school does not have the number of participants or capacity to afford and administer a robust retirement program for its employees. Through an MEP, multiple schools can gain access to all of the same programs and solutions otherwise only available in to larger corporations. While MEPs allow for the potential reduction in costs, each plan will operate under its own plan documents, and as an independent plan unrelated to the activity or status in the other plans.

Benefits to Participants

Each participant will have access to experts providing one-on-one personal service assisting during enrollment and implementation of the plan. We provide personal education on retirement planning and proactive ongoing account reviews to ensure each participant has access to the tools and guidance to develop and execute a successful retirement plan.